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Designed by VARRODESIGN, winner of the Gold Key Awards in New York, our fitness room with natural light, limited number of guests, exclusive environment, premium brand TechnoGym machines, is open 24 hours a day.

  • Premium branded TechnoGym Excite® Climb, stair machine
  • Premium brand TechnoGym SKILLROW, rowing machine
  • Premium brand TechnoGym SKILLMILL
  • Premium brand TechnoGym EXCITE LIVE SYNCHRO, elliptical trainer
  • Premium brand TechnoGym BIKE, CYCLE, indoor cycles
  • Premium brand TechnoGym MYRUN, treadmill

Your workout can be assisted by a personal trainer, individual & group sessions (circuit training, TRX, kettlebell, spinal exercises) but only in case of timely pre-reservation.

The fitness room can be visited with a daily ticket or discounted passes. Use for our hotel guests is included in the room rate.

Opening hours: 0-24 h

Daily fitness pass: 2.500 Ft
Day pass to Pannonia Fitness for one calendar day. Opening hours: 0-24 h.

Occasional group training pass: 2.100 Ft
The pass entitles you to participate in the group training session after purchase.

10 suitable group training passes: 16.000 Ft
The pass entitles to 10 group training sessions and is valid for 3 months after purchase.

16 fitness passes: 29.990 Ft
Valid any day of the month for access to Pannonia Fitness for 16 sessions, valid for 2 months after purchase.

Quarterly fitness pass: 39.990 Ft
Valid for unlimited access to Pannonia Fitness 0-24 hours for 3 months.

Annual fitness pass: 119.990 Ft
Valid for access to Pannonia Fitness 0-24 hours on any day of the year.

The stair machine is a cardio machine for use with our premium brand TechnoGym machines. It makes the nature of stair climbing so much easier that we recommend it for beginners. Its specific features are the patented split step, split step technology and the step depth of 28 cm.

Speed & endurance & speed development under your own power
The Skillmill is one of our premium branded TechnoGym machines, providing the effect of a treadmill, elliptical trainer and treadmill all in one. The user drives the machine with his own power. Moving forwards increases the speed and moving backwards decreases it. The on-board computer monitors your performance, helping you to achieve your goals.
We recommend it for professional athletes and for daily training!

Water experiences in the gym. Our premium branded TechnoGym machines include the Skillrow , which combines cardio and strength training to deliver the naturalness of water rowing. The rowing machine is gentle on the waist and back, helping to strengthen muscles in a comfortable and safe way.